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Scanning Specs
Image Policy
How to determine file size/dimensions/resolution

Below are three methods that can be used for determining the overall size of the image file (e.g. 19MB), the height and width in pixels, and the resolution.

Using My Computer Or Windows Explorer

  1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer (hold window key down & hit e)
  2. Click to browse through folders until the image file is located
  3. Right click on the file name and choose Properties.
  4. The General tab shows the file size and the Summary tab the pixel height/width, resolution and bit depth -- usually 24 bit.

Using Corel Photo-Paint

  1. Open image in Corel Photo-Paint
  2. On tool bar at top, click on File and then on Document Info

Using Adobe PhotoShop

  1. Open image in Adobe PhotoShop
  2. On the tool bar click on Image and then Image Size and you'll get the size in pixels and the resolution in pixels or dots per inch (dpi).
  3. For bit depth, click on Image, then Mode and see what selection is clicked (usally RGB and 8 bits per channel). There are 3 channels with RGB color (red, green, blue - combining these three colors in different ways makes all colors) so 8 x 3 = 24 bits.